MAG Signature Sound - Crystal Clear 1.0.0 (June 2022)


A dynamic amplifier that brings clarity and life to your music by reducing unwanted dirty frequencies, smoothing out peaks, adding sparkle, glitter and glue. Crystal Clear can be used for mixing on individual tracks, groups, buses, and also for mastering. Dirty frequencies are a major problem when creating music, and they can ruin any mix if not removed or removed incorrectly. Crystal Clear will solve this problem for you in the right way. With just a few clicks, you can now easily remove clouds and fog from your mixes and masters without losing the clarity or character of the original sound.
More Info :
• Input: Increasing the auto-compensated input value will add subtle harmonics at low values ​​or crunchy coarser tones at high values ​​to your sounds.
• Crystal: This is where the magic happens. Enlarging the crystal dial will clear out those awful problematic frequencies that cloud your music and let what lies underneath shine through.
• Glitter: Increasing the Glitter will add subtle richness and cohesion to your sounds, bringing more sparkle and glue to your individual tracks, groups or masters.
• HPF: Increasing the HPF will add a smooth high pass filter up to 360 Hz to get rid of unwanted low frequencies.
• Mixing: Changing the position of the mixing knob mixes the processed and unprocessed signal. This makes it easy to get the perfect balance of crystal clearness for your music.
• Output: Increases or decreases the overall volume of the plugin.
• Oversampling: Turning on oversampling upscales the sound quality to higher resolution and produces smoother results at 4x oversampling.
• Bypass: Use bypass to easily A/B determine what Crystal Clear means to your sound.

System Requirement
Windows 10 | 11 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
MAG Signature Sound - Crystal Clear 1.0.0

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