UJAM - Beatmaker Bundle (Nov 2021)

Drum Kit:
DOPE is your quick ticket to the underground world of cool hip-hop beat production. No more searching through all that dusty vinyl at your local record store hoping to find the perfect sampled beat.
EDENis a specialist in dance and electronic dance music, he will headliner anywhere, from sweaty little Berlin clubs to huge world festivals. EDEN is driving beats that will keep the dance floor and party filled all night long.
GLORY is a virtual beatmaker for all kinds of trap and modern hip-hop. Where heavy 808 bass drums meet insane hi-hats, hitting the top of the billboard charts. Create beats that bounce and thunder with GLORY!
HUSTLE is your rhythm companion for styles such as Trap and Dirty South. Remarkable and ready to make a name for itself for all types of modern urban styles that need a dirty beat, a basement shaking, or a rough Grime groove.
HYPE- An instrument filled with Progressive House and EDM samples, presets and full grooves so you can create drum tracks in minutes. With HYPE, you can create punchy beats that will put your regular sample packs to shame, all with the press of a single key. It syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and you can play an almost infinite number of loops as if you were playing the instrument.
IDOL - Delivers a vibrant and over-processed K-Pop beat sound. Maintain a pleasant feel with clean and polished drum samples, creating beats just like countless popular Korean pop songs!
KANDYis a cutting-edge virtual beatmaker featuring processed samples and cutting-edge sound design topping the billboard charts. Easily create beats for the entire bandwidth of modern pop music in the A-listing! One thing pop artists on the A-list have in common is the emphasis on beats.
NEMESIS - Cyberpunk Bats. Put on your exoskeleton and get ready for a dark adventure with Beatmaker NEMESIS. The dynamic drum machine has everything you need to create powerful, dark and complex music. The powerful drum sounds in NEMESIS have been designed to be aggressive and futuristic.
VICE- What sounds come to your mind when you think about the 80s? Trendy pop music? Big synths, powerful digital drums, and a lot of gated reverb? Exactly. These style elements have been rediscovered by contemporary producers in genres such as Synthwave. VICE has everything you need to create drum tracks for anything from authentic 80s to Synthwave.
VOID - You don't have to spend hours balancing kick and snare by changing just one sample to find that you need to redo the whole rhythm. With VOID, you can touch one key and get the sound you want right from the start. It instantly syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and with just a few notes, you can create the perfect philes and breakdowns to get your fans screaming in delight.

System Requirement
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 [64-bit]

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Apple Logic Pro 10.7.1 (Nov 2021)


Apple Logic Pro X is an excellent digital audio workstation designed specifically for the Mac for electronic music producers. There are various functions here, such as recording, editing, mixing, all this turns into a complete professional recording studio right in the user's PC. A new intuitive design has been developed specifically for the program, so that Mac users can work with something that is fundamentally different from previous applications. The new Logic Pro X retains all the useful features of the previous versions, which caught the attention of professionals. The new interface gives access to more advanced features for professionals that Mac users who just want to experiment with making their own music may not be aware of. Another new feature is Flex Pitch.

Logic Pro X is a collection of new ways to record music and songs. For professionals, this easy-to-use program is a tremendous help. The drum module connection function will help you create realistic professional tracks that blend harmoniously into any musical genre.

The new version received support for projects in the Dolby Atmos format, functions for working with spatial audio and more than 2800 new sounds, samples and loops.

The update adds support for Dolby Atmos projects to Logic Pro. The program has a new visual mixer that allows you to place sounds in three-dimensional space.

In addition, the developers have updated a number of built-in plugins, adding compatibility with spatial audio. The list of compatible instruments includes the Space Designer reverb, Tremolo effect, stock limiter, volume meter and other treatments.

Logic Pro 10.7 also adds Producer Packs that were previously available in GarageBand. The DAW audio library has been expanded with samples, loops and beats from Boys Noize, Mark Ronson, Mark Lettieri, Take A Daytrip, TRAKGIRL, Soulection and more.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 11.6 | 12.0.1

Via Torren
Apple - Logic Pro 10.7.1
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Gig Performer 4 v4.1.5 (Nov 2021)

Gig Performer - AU / VST2 / VST3 plug-in host optimized for live performance with highly customizable - allows you to freely connect virtual instruments and effects without using buses - allows you to instantly create your own user interfaces Access to basic performance parameters - instant switching during performance - flexible and intuitive MIDI assignment - supports OSC devices and applications - built-in tuner

Guitarists, Keyboards, Vocalists, Drummers, Wind Performers - Create and control your live music rig with Gig Performer ™ to transform and enhance your live performance with complete control over the sound of your instrument or voice. Our innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design called Rackspace that turns your plugins into the most powerful yet user-friendly live music software system. And our impressive list of advanced features lets you control multiple instruments, layering sounds, and experience authentic effects ... effortlessly and with minimal power consumption.

New in version
Fixes and Improvements
• Fixed a problem where creating a gig from a setlist did not include the global rackspace nor the gig script.
• Fixed a problem with strange tempo values ​​and the tempo range is 20 to 640 everywhere GP-Beta 987.
• Fixed a problem where locking / unlocking rackspace selection within the setlist view could temporarily prevent a different rackspace from being selected.
• Local widget mapped to global widget now displays global widget text value (if available).
• Fixed problem in ChordPro where transposition wasn't being applied properly to "root" notes in chord - also fixes spacing issue.
• External API now supports call to enable / disable global playhead.
• External API - no longer gets eroneous call when view didn't actually change.
• Change the menu item for scripting depending on whether local or global rackspace is active.
• Fixed a problem where MIDI PC messages sent on a channel that's explicitly not used in GP were not passed to the plugins even if the option was enabled.
• Fixed a problem where the old setlist would still be visible during the load of a new gig file.
• Fixed crash when reloading an INS file.
• Midi File Manager, GPScript: Fixed a problem where end of a track might not be properly detected.
• You can now specify program change through the MIDI Helper dialog when setting a command to switch to specific song parts.
• Fixed a bug where GP could crash in the setlist mode when PC messages come in quickly.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | BIG SUR
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
Gig Performer 4 v4.0.54 MAC
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ToneBoosters - All Plugin Bundle 1.5.9 (Nov 2021)

Our audio plugins are based on over a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly optimized cross-platform implementations with easy-to-use interfaces to streamline your workflow.

We strive for both affordability and quality, not compromise. We present professional grade products to a wide range of users.

Barricade - brickwall limiter
Compressoris a versatile compressor that suits almost any audio content. Its advanced signal analysis algorithms allow dynamic range to be changed very transparently. Conversely, when manually adjusting the parameters,

DualVCF can provide a "musical pumping effect" - adds movement, shape and color. The plugin generates evolving rhythmic movement and complex dynamic filter shapes. It contains dozens of analog filter models with the sought-after sound of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Combined with envelopes and intuitive modulation editors, it provides almost limitless possibilities for creative exploration
Enhancer -

Equalizer- New dynamic equalizer with embedded artificial intelligence algorithm to assist in music mixing. The AI ​​auxiliary function will listen and make recommendations for equalizing frequencies, depending on the type of audio content.


Morphit - Have you ever wondered how the different sonic attributes of your headphones affect the mixing results? Curious to know how your mix sounds on different headphones? Almost all existing headphones introduce unwanted changes to the sound. TB Morphit will help reduce these unwanted artifacts by improving the response of supported headphones. What's more, it can simulate the sound of any other supported headphones.

ReelBusis a true analog tape simulator that is designed to accurately simulate all tape-related properties, including frequency and level saturation, intermodulation effects, offset, tape jamming, jamming noise, wah and flutter, and electronic clipping.

Reverb is an algorithmic reverb. Simulate any acoustic environment from a small room to a warm and dense Spectrogram concert hall

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 [64-bit]

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KORG - Gadget 2 Plugins 2.7.3 (Nov 2021)

Move to the next generation. Turn your ideas into music quickly and intuitively. The best plugins for making music.

KORG Gadget Plugins - A collection of plugins with an intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called "gadgets" that you can freely combine to create music. Starting with the award-winning iOS version, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful collection of plugins, now Gadget plugin - plugins are compatible with Windows. With carefully selected parameters and ready-made sounds / presets, you can now use a variety of powerful gadgets from your favorite DAW on your PC.

The latest version of KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for PC includes 7 additional gadgets, all of which are already available in the Mac version. "Bilbao", KORG Gadget's first additional sampler, "Abu Dhabi", "Recife" sampler, drum equipped with 16 pads, "Lisbon" capable of producing a tight and brilliant sound, "Vancouver", a sampler that can be played freely on the keyboard, and "Zurich", a sound effects block with 26 different effects. In addition, Madrid has been added to include live grooves with acoustic and electric bass in your music. Now you can use all these high quality sounds and presets in your favorite DAW.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

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Artistry Audio - Scorpio KONTAKT (Nov 2021)


Scorpio is a motion synthesizer ready to push the boundaries of your music to the next level. Whether you want to simplify life with hundreds of presets, or dive deep into sound design to create your own, this instrument is filled with high quality sounds that are sure to inspire your creativity.

Scorpio is an instrument capable of producing a variety of sounds, mixing synthesizers, traditional instruments and futuristic processing.

Scorpio is the perfect tool for modern voiceover, sound design and dance music. It provides users with a cutting edge workflow.

The plugin offers an intuitive, streamlined main interface with deeper customization under the hood.
Scorpio provides an XY pad for mixing macro parameters, creating an expressive form of motion control and granular synthesis.

• Two cores: smooth mixing of two sound sources (cores).
• XY Motion Pad: Assign and modulate multiple parameters.
• Flexible effects: deeply programmable effects.
• Arpeggiators: create evolving textures.
• Randomization: instantly create endless variations

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
Artistry Audio - Scorpio (KONTAKT)

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Plugin Alliance & NEOLD - WARBLE 1.0.0 (Nov 2021)

Tape modulation plugin for vintage lo-fi sounds.
The developer says Warble "makes whatever you put into it breathe special, warm and analog." How to do it? Let's take a look.
Warble consists of three main effect blocks that can be used individually or in combination. The modulation block simulates effects such as "wah" and "flutter", thereby imparting vintage-style imperfections to the signal. Settings range from subtle modulations to irregular and wavy sounds. Combined with the plug-in's tape speed controls (start, stop, fast, slow) this gives you a rich palette of modulations.
Next up is the Aging section, which lets you choose how vintage the sound will be. In addition to the age of the tape, you can tweak the noise and dirt settings to create the illusion of a tape that has been forgotten in the attic for decades.
Finally, Warble offers a pair of high and low pass filters with individual resonance modifiers. The developer says that they give the sound of technical correction, but can also generate harsh signal shaping, such as muffled radio or telephone sounds.
Everything is globally controlled by the ribbon feed and speed controls (although it does not perform tape stop effects) and the global mix knob. This means you can add as much modulation, mud and filtering as you like.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 [64-bit]

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Ableton - Live 11 Suite 11.0.12 (Nov 2021)

Ableton Live Suite is a revolutionary music production solution. It is primarily a digital audio workstation (DAW) and should be judged as such. It allows you to compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in an audio / MIDI environment. Ableton Live connects your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences, together in one interface with unparalleled ease of use. What sets Ableton Live apart from the crowded market for sequencer and recorder software is its simple and innovative interface that uses 2 intuitive workflow modes. Simply put, Ableton lets you focus on what really matters: your music.

Ableton Live Suite includes :
  • Ableton Live with a redesigned and more informative interface
  • 13 instruments (including Wavetable, Operator, Sampler, Analog and more)
  • 56 effects for audio and MIDI processing (including Echo, Pedal, Beat Repeat, Amp, Vocoder, Glue and more)
Ableton Live Suite Benefits :
  • Make your music your way
  • Everything you need to get creative is included
  • Create your own effects and instruments with Max for Live
  • While other DAWs on the market can seem cumbersome in comparison, Ableton Live's interface is very intuitive to use. If you find that the complex interfaces of other DAWs are illogical and unreasonable, the simplicity and elegance of Ableton Live will definitely be at least a reason for you to give it a try, and eventually perhaps switch entirely to Ableton.
System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 [64-bit]

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Native Instruments - Studio FX 1.4.1 (Nov 2021)

Native Instruments is a German music software company. It is at the origins of the revolution in music production, which was made by the emergence of virtual musical instruments - software modules (plug-ins) used in music production software: Logic Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, REAPER, Ableton Live and others.

Through careful design and thoughtful concepts, the company's developments have won acclaim from renowned musicians including Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Coldcut, Depeche Mode, Junkie XL, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe (Rammstein) and many others.

The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products are constantly pushing technological boundaries and opening up new creative horizons for both professionals and amateurs.

The following 15 effects have been updated to version 1.4:
• Solid Mix Series: Solid Bus Comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ
• Reverb Classics: RC 24, RC 48
• Vintage Compressors: VC 160, VC 2A, VC 76
• Premium Tube Series: Enhanced EQ, Passive EQ, Vari Comp
• Driver
• Supercharger, Supercharger GT
• Transient Master

New in version
• ADDED VST3 plug-in target
• ADDED macOS Big Sur compatibility
• ADDED Rosetta 2 Apple Silicon support
• ADDED User tracking
• ADDED Display plugin target in about screen (AU / AAX / VST / VST3)
• REMOVED 32 bit VST plug-in targets on Windows
• REMOVED Links to the discontinued activation tool Service Center
• REMOVED Installation of manuals and corresponding menu entry
• FIXED Modal dialog windows would sometimes crash the plug-in UI on Big Sur
• FIXED Adjusting knobs via mouse is not possible on Big Sur in AU plug-in targets
• FIXED User Presets with Unicode characters not saved and displayed correctly
• FIXED Turning autoscaling off in Ableton Live on Windows leads to UI glitches
• FIXED Turning autoscaling on in Cubase on Windows leads to UI glitches
And additionally for RC24 and RC48:
• FIXED Bitwig Studio freezes when browsing through presets

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

Via Torrent
NI Studio FX 1.4.1
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XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color 1.1.3 (Nov 2021)

The RC-20 Retro Color is a creative effect that adds life and texture to any recording. It easily recreates the warm, welcoming atmosphere of vintage recording equipment, but also works great in any modern production context. Six unique effect modules can recreate everything from vinyl records to VHS tape recorders, adding noise, vibration and interruption to your tracks. Its harsh distortion and beat-down effect will add mud to your drums and bass. Spatial and chorus effects will make your guitar sing, and filter effects will come in handy in modern club tracks. The exclusive Flux Engine adds jitter and jitter to all effect modules, delivering character, warmth and analog sound.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

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XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete 1.1.7 (Nov 2021)


Addictive Trigger is an intelligent plug-in that replaces drum sounds and uses smart new technologies (Audio Fingerprint ™ and SuperStart ™) to make the process simple and invisible. These new technologies, combined with the very best sounds and capabilities from Addictive Drums 2, represent the fastest, most accurate and fun way to take your live recorded drums to a whole new level. Just fire up Addictive Trigger and you are ready to go. Accurate detection and outstanding sounds in one plugin.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

Via Torrent
XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete 1.1.7

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XLN Audio Addictive Keys Complete 1.4.3 (Nov 2021)

XLN Audio Addictive Keys is a powerful new product from XLN Audio that sets new standards for virtual keyboards. With its unique sound creation capabilities, intelligent processing and fast loading, Addictive Keys remains a versatile tool that will find its way into any music genre and production style. Use a variety of microphone models, re-position them, apply professional effects and envelopes. The developers have tried to provide all possible conditions for creating a truly unique sound.

In addition, Addictive Keys offers an ever-growing set of tools packaged in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Each comes with a set of presets sorted by style. A preview of all functions is included, which makes it easy to find the sound you want.
The combination of superior quality, fast processing and reliability makes Addictive Keys an excellent tool at home, in the studio, and even on the road.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

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XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Complete 2.1.15 (Nov 2021)

Addictive Drums is a complete drum studio for all tastes: it is a plug-in that allows you to easily create realistic drum beats that sound like they were recorded live, rather than like a computer playing a specific sequence.

The impact sounds contain all sorts of nuances, from the lightest to the strongest impact. Drums from Addictive Drums cover an impressive range of sounds to suit a variety of styles of music. Compressor, EQ, distortion, saturator, filter, limiter and reverb are at your disposal to create your own unique sound.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.14 | 10.15 | 11.6 | 12.0.1

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