DNA Labs Software - Aquios X4 v1.0.2 Workstation ROM Reason (Oct 2021)


Take a look at the cue-based Aquios X4 ROM workstation featuring legendary soundbanks, euphoric pads, insanely futuristic saws, modulated club bells, Hollywood-worthy string sections, elegant and pristine pianos, giant cinematic brass, gorgeous pouting angelic choirs , awesome pizzicato and shocking unique poly synthesizers. Aquios X4 RE combines both orchestral and synthetic instruments, the beauty of a very interesting graphical user interface and a powerful multi-effects processing engine with a huge professional ROM soundbank core based on samples. Aquios X4 is a breathtaking futuristic expansion for producers of all genres, from trap, dub step,

System Requirement
Windows 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
 Aquios X4 v1.0.2 Workstation ROM Reason

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