Arturia - FX Collection 2 (June 2021)

inspiring set of software effects that combine the heritage of the music industry with futuristic features and unsurpassed sound quality with an intuitive workflow. Enhance your music with the perfect effect for every task.

Treat Your Sound Right - After decades of dedicated research, analysis and modeling, these 19 excellent effects will completely change the way you record and mix your music. Combining history's best effects, console components and pedals with fresh, state-of-the-art features and functionality, the FX Collection is an indispensable tool for the modern manufacturer. We've spent years looking for the best hardware effects and studio equipment around the globe. This is the fruit of our labor.

The Perfect Choice - We've researched the most influential, iconic gear and painstakingly recreated their unique sound down to the last detail.

Creative from Arturia“We've also developed some completely original, creative effects that offer a fresh, fresh approach and sound.

New Features - We've breathed new life into timeless classics by adding additional options and features for the modern studio.

Convenient functions- Hundreds of in-app presets, engineering notes, and helpful tutorials let you get started with every effect. With our exclusive modeling technologies, we've not only brought this classic to life, but also endowed it with modern "must-have" features that make them the perfect choice for the modern manufacturer. We've also included some completely original Arturia designs, allowing you to creatively handle things in a way that would simply not be possible with vintage hardware.

Everything you need - the FX Collection brings you 19 unique, incredibly practical effects. Each of them has been carefully selected for this anthology for their distinctive tone and sound shaping abilities.

What’s inside:
  • EQ_SITRAL-295__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)
  • Bus_FORCE__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)
  • Chorus_DIMENSION-D__1_1_0_2663
  • Chorus_JUN-6__1_1_0_2663
  • Comp_DIODE-609__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)
  • Comp_FET-76__1_3_0_2663
  • Comp_TUBE-STA__1_3_0_2663
  • Comp_VCA-65__1_3_0_2663
  • Delay_ETERNITY__1_3_0_2663
  • Delay_MEMORY-BRIGADE__1_3_0_2663
  • Delay_TAPE-201__1_3_0_2663
  • Filter_M12__1_4_0_2663
  • Filter_MINI__1_5_0_2663
  • Filter_SEM__1_4_0_2663
  • Flanger_BL-20__1_1_0_2663
  • Phaser_BI-TRON__1_1_0_2663
  • Pre_1973__1_4_0_2663
  • Pre_TridA__1_4_0_2663
  • Pre_V76__1_4_0_2663
  • Rev_INTENSITY__1_2_0_2663
  • Rev_PLATE-140__1_3_0_2663
  • Rev_SPRING-636__1_2_0_2663
System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | BIG SUR
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
Arturia - FX Collection 2

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