Steinberg - Dorico PRO (May 2021)


Steinberg has released a new package for musical notation - Dorico. According to the developer, this is the most flexible sheet music editor on the market.
In particular, the package allows you to work in an open (arbitrary) size, freely rearrange bar lines and at the same time keep the rhythmic purity of the recording.
Built from the ground up for today's multi-core 64-bit processors, Dorico takes full advantage of your system while intuitive workflows help you focus on every aspect of musical notation preparation. Dorico also lets you use your VST instruments and effects.

New In Version:
Bracketed noteheads
Under some circumstances, the round brackets around chords could fail to draw; this has now been resolved.
Multi - bar rests
A problem whereby multi-bar rests in divisi passages in layouts with condensing enabled would not be reliably consolidated has been resolved.
Note input
On some computers, Dorico could hang when a MIDI input device is connected or disconnected while the application is running; this has now been resolved.
A problem that could cause edits in large scores to be slower than expected has been resolved.
Playback templates
Under some circumstances, restoring the saved state of VST plug-ins used by a project could fail if the loading operation lasts for more than one minute; this has now been resolved.
A problem that could result in Dorico hanging when editing paragraph styles if the frame showing chord diagrams used in the flow is shown has been resolved.
VST plug - ins
On some Windows computers, some VST instruments, including NotePerformer, could be incorrectly blocked; this has now been resolved.

System Requirement
Windows 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
Steinberg - Dorico PRO

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