Output - Arcade + Library (May 2021)

Output Arcade is a synthesizer based on loops from the cloud. A new approach to working with samples.

Output has released an unusual synthesizer called Output Arcade. The instrument has an interesting approach to the principles of working with virtual synthesizers.

The Arcade sound is based on loops from the cloud library, accessed via a paid subscription ($ 10 / mo). After starting the synthesizer, the user selects a set of sounds and begins to independently shape the sound of the instrument. You can change the sound with 11 built-in effects and modulation capabilities.

Further work with the synthesizer also differs from the usual scheme, in which the keys of a MIDI keyboard play the same sound with a semitone rise. Instead, the white keys are responsible for triggering various loops, and the black keys change their sound.

The loops in the cloud library are accessed through the built-in browser. All content is divided into three categories (Product Lines, Kits, Loops), and you can search for suitable sounds by tags or keywords.

Several sets of sounds are supplied with the synthesizer (Kits, 15 loops in each). There is no point in talking about their universality: the developers focus on the ability to create a synthesizer for themselves based on the proposed loops. If there are no suitable sounds in the catalog, the user can import his own content and process it using Arcade tools.

This fix solves the problem with crash Logic and Cubase on MAC Bid Sur +
Kit Generator is available with ARCADE version 1.6! The brand new Kit Generator feature automatically converts any audio file into a complete, ready-to-use ARCADE Kit. Now you can easily create personalized kits from any samples in ARCADE or on your own hard drive.
We're always collecting feedback and discovering new ways to make ARCADE even better, so let's take a look at how to streamline your workflow with the new features available in Kit.
New in ARCADE, the Kit Generator allows you to create customized sets of sounds. Choose from any of the samples already available in ARCADE, or use your own. Let's check. Welcome to Kit Generator.
How to create a kit
* After you have selected Line in ARCADE, select the "Samples" tab. Then hit Generate Kit on any sample to get started! You can also create a Kit using your own samples. Just drag and drop them into ARCADE, hover over the one you want to use and click Generate Kit. Then ARCADE will analyze the selected sample.
* Play back the result after analysis to see all the great ways ARCADE has already processed your sample.
* Choose from six FX presets in the center of the screen to swap configurable macros and place your set in the perfect sound space. Or turn off FX altogether.
* Kit Generator automatically changes the pitch and time to match your new kit with the current key and tempo of the session. If you need to customize, click the ellipsis. Then set the key and tempo you want and ARCADE will do the rest.
How to Customize Your
Custom Kit * You can change the way ARCADE slices and slices your sample by selecting one of the four “slicing modes” located under the FX hub.
* Standard Mode: Select “Standard” mode to create rhythm loops according to the tempo of the session.
* Stretched Mode: Use "Stretched" mode to speed up and slow down loops, reverse them, or swing back and forth like a pendulum without changing the sample's height.
* Shifted mode: Shifted mode does the same thing as Stretch mode, and also raises or lowers the pitch of the sample within the session key.
* Finally, “Chopped” mode distributes loops evenly over the entire length of the sample.
* Finally, like any proud parent, give your kit a strong name. And don't forget to save it! You can now access your new kit anytime through the Custom Kits Library.
It has never been easier to set up ARCADE's modern sampling engine, so play well and most importantly ... have fun.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | BIG SUR
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

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