BABY Audio - Smooth Operator v1.0.0 (April 2021)

Smooth Operator combines equalizer, spectral compression and resonance cancellation into a single creative process, instant and intuitive. Use it to improve your tonal balance and add a hi-fi touch.

Our spectral detection algorithm adapts to your sound 44,100 times per second and automatically eliminates tedious frequencies.

This gives you complete control over signal shaping and greater clarity.

Add. Information :
  • Provides clarity and smoothness of sounding instruments, vocals and mixing.
  • Allows you to creatively shape the tone without artifacts or harsh resonances.
  • An intelligent algorithm that automatically detects and resolves tiresome frequencies.
  • An alternative to EQ, compression and resonance cancellation in a single workflow.
System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | BIG SUR
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32|64-bit]

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