Roland - VirtualSonics Legendary, AIRA Series, SRX & ZENOLOGY (Dec 2020)


Genuine recreation of Roland's LEGENDARY analog and digital synthesizers:
Roland - VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series:

  • D-50
  • JUNO-106
  • JV-1080
  • JX-3P
  • SH-2
  • SH-101
  • SOUND Canvas VA
  • SYSTEM-100
  • TB-303
  • TB-606
  • TB-808
  • TB-909
  • XV-5080
Roland - SRX Series 12.2020:
  • SRX hardware boards BRASS - Elegant horn sounds from our SRX series.
  • SRX DANCE TRAX - Roland Cloud introduces SRX DANCE TRAX, inspired by the original Roland hardware board with new versatility.
  • SRX ELECTRIC PIANO- Soulful sounds of electronic piano!
  • SRX Orchestra - One of the most advanced orchestral synthesizers ever made available for your DAW
  • SRX PIANO I - Exquisite concert piano with stereo samples for composition, recording and performance.
  • SRX PIANO II - A stunning 88-key acoustic grand piano ideal for almost all musical styles.
  • SRX KEYBOARDS - This DCB adaptation of the popular expansion card features realistic rhythm section sounds and modern musical tones.
  • SRX STRINGS - Get a string quartet or full orchestra into your home studio.
  • SRX STUDIO - Become an acoustic fan with Roland SRX STUDIO's arsenal of exquisite sounds.
  • SRX WORLD - Inspired by the original Roland hardware board, SRX WORLD is filled with sounds from around the world to enhance your compositions.
Roland - ZENOLOGY Pro 1.5.2:
Harness the immense power of the ZEN synthesis core and immerse yourself in a world of custom sound design with ZENOLOGY Pro. You get the stunning sound quality and efficiency of ZENOLOGY, as well as an extensive interface for creating completely new sounds to inspire your music.

The ZEN-Core synthesis system contains many detailed parameters with animated movements for creating large complex sounds. With an intuitive, resizable interface and many editing modes, ZENOLOGY Pro gives you full access to all aspects of the ZEN-Core, allowing you to create the sounds you've only dreamed of.

The ZEN-Core is ultra-flexible and based on discrete synthesized voices, each containing an oscillator, filter, amplifier, and two-stage LFOs. You can use up to four parts simultaneously, choosing from thousands of waveforms, 10 modeled filter types, and 11 LFO shapes. By combining multiple synthesis types, luscious effects and deep modulation capabilities, you can create stunning sounds that evoke new ideas.

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.13 | 10.14 | 10.15 | BIG SUR

Via Torrent

Roland - VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series 12.2020 MAC
Roland - SRX Series 12.2020 MAC

Roland - ZENOLOGY Pro 1.5.2 MAC

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