AngelicVibes - NEO v1.0.1 (Nov 2020)

Nine high quality effects coming together in a single plugin. Allow Neo to help you shape and transform your sound and inspire new ideas.

Bring your ideas to lifewith one plugin
– Inspiring unique design with smooth workflow
– 70 presets for different instruments and genres
– Customize and build complex edits to any sound or track

More Than Just Effects
Most multi-effects plugin give you great sound. NEO offers more – yes, it’s got the basic effects like a filter, equalizer, reverb, compression, drive, delay, stereo, and chorus,
but the key to this unique plugin lies in its innovative sequencer and playing engine. This perfect fusion of each plugin helps you develop ideas fast,
creates results you wouldn’t think of otherwise, turning the simplest ideas into strong arrangements for your tracks.

– Essential filter with 7 types to choose from. Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Peak and Notch;
– LoFi effect with bit rate and sample rate reduction effects with mix control;
– Drive effect with 4 types to choose from. Overdrive, Tube, Distortion and soft clipping;
– 3 band parametric EQ with low shelf, high shelf and peaking filters;
– A classic chorus effect to thicken the sound and add width to it;
– Stereo effect with stereo separation, L/R Offset and pan controls;
– Add compression, punch and saturation. Features a push knob that can be used to control the amount of compression and a soft clipping effect;
– Delay with 2 parallel delay units, tempo sync option and LP and HP filters;
– Fast and optimized reverb effect with width, damp, pre-delay and colour controls to give it more flexibility.

NEO is very user-friendly and not hard to use at all. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and it’s easy to navigate through.

We created the idea and developed this software from scratch. There is nothing like it on the market.

NEO is intended to give your tracks a professional sound and feel. In the right hands, this plugin is gold.

9 effects in one plugin. Save CPU and speed up your work flow.

Hear the changes being made in real time when EQ your sound.

Simply drag and drop the effects to change the chain order. This results in an thousands of possibilities.

Mix and match different effects and parameters. There are endless amounts of ideas and effects.

Enlightenment is not just one state
Life in the studio can get messy – who wants to spend all day mixing and editing? Luckily, NEO is the answer to almost every mix and idea you have. It’s designed and built to simultaneously give you quick results and professional quality. This beast is plain, simple and deadly.Neo changelog Version 1.0.1 – July 2020 - MacOS Catalina support. Signed and notarized. - Presets will be sorted alphabetically in newer versions of macOS. - Updated parameter system. - Updated to use latest VST and AU libraries. - Minor bug fixes and code optimization. Version 1.0.0 - March 2019 - released

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | Catalina
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent
AngelicVibes - NEO v1.0.1

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