KORG - Legacy Collection (Sept 2020)

Korg M1v.2.0.1 - the instrument does not need special introduction - it is a classic of electronic (and not only) music. The instrument itself was created in the mid-eighties, has its own handwriting, signature, as well as an unforgettable grand piano preset, which cannot be confused with anything else, a favorite feature of almost all electronic musicians.

Korg MDE-X v.2.0.2 - This multi-effect plug-in contains 19 high-quality effects from Korg digital recorders, workstations, synthesizers and stand-alone effects. As such, they are the perfect addition to any of the Korg Legacy Collection synths and are a great addition to any computer setup.

Korg monopolyv.2.0.3 - which went on sale in 1981 and is considered the culmination of Korg's expertise in analog synthesizers. It was released at the same time as Polysix and these two instruments revolutionized the world of synthesizers. Mono / Poly was regarded by many musicians as the best Korg synthesizer, with a number of unique characteristics.

Korg MS20 v.2.0.7 - software synthesizer provides full imitation of its legendary original. In addition, it offers advantages such as up to 32-voice polyphony and 16-voice unison. Flexible external modulation and MIDI clock sync settings have also been added, allowing for even more creativity.

Korg Polysix v.2.0.7 - simulates the eponymous six-voice analog polyphonic
Korg Polysix synthesizer, produced since 1981. With its full-voiced sound architecture, chorus / phaser / ensemble effects, and a range of performance functions (chord memorization, arpeggiator and unison memorization), the Korg Polysix became an instant worldwide hit. His recognizable string and backing sounds are still popular today.

Korg WAVESTATION v.2.0.3 is the software reincarnation of a 1990 instrument whose technology has won many awards and crowds of fans around the world. All these features are implemented in the software version: Advanced Vector Synthesis technology: mixing 4 sound sources using a joystick and Wave Sequencing - table-wave synthesis

System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | Catalina

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KORG - Legacy Collection

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