Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 3 Hydra KONTAKT (March 2020)

The ultimate badass 8-string guitar for rock and metal music! Write crystal-clear clean tones, screaming leads, or brutal chugs with incredible realism. With two distinct pickups, 30,000+ samples, and over 50 included tone snapshots, Shreddage 3 Hydra is the most complete Shreddage guitar ever.

Shreddage 3 Hydra is available now and requires only the free Kontakt Player 5.7+. The instrument, which was recorded 'clean' (DI), includes a wide variety of effects, pedals, amps, and cabinets: external amp sims are not required. Unlike the developer's previous guitars, which were largely focused on heavy rock and metal music, Shreddage 3 Hydra is intended to offer a diverse range of playing styles thanks to its multiple pickups and expanded playing style algorithms. More realistic lead and rhythm playing is now possible thanks to a rewritten fretboard engine, and a new Strumming Mode feature.

Shreddage 3 Hydra KONTAKT
  • All-new UI and script rewritten to take full advantage of Kontakt Player 5.7
  • Multiple fretting modes for differing types of playing (lead, poly rhythm, etc.).
  • Built-in multitracking and custom pickup blending.
  • Poly Input mode for even more realistic playback of block chords.
  • TACT 2.0 - Map or trigger any articulation through keyswitch, velocity, MIDI CC, etc.
  • Console mixer : 30 modular effects, pedals, and amps across 4 channels x 8 inserts.
  • Over 30 custom cabinet IRs included in Console , recorded exclusively for S3.
  • Save and load FX chains for individual channels or the entire Console.
System Requirement
Mac OS X 10.11 | 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 | Catalina
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]

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