mixIR3 IR Loader v1.0.2 (Dec 2019)

Introducing the mixIR2, Redwirez very own high performance, zero latency convolution plug-in. The mixIR2 allows you to mix multiple IRs with minimal fuss and no loss of performance as you stack IRs. Now you have the power to sculpt your guitar sound like never before. Mix mics, cabinets, reverb, EQ curves, and more with ease at levels of performance unrivaled by any other convolution plug-in. With the mixIR2, you won’t have to wrestle with busses, sends and the overhead of running multiple plug-ins just to capture your typical two mic recording setup. Throw in a room mic or two, some reverb, a dash of EQ, or reproduce a tube amp’s interaction with your cabinet of choice, all with IRs and all with no performance penalty and no complicated routing strategies in your audio workstation.

We’ve built some pretty innovative routing features into the mixIR2. You can mix IRs in parallel which is useful when mixing multiple mic positions. You can pan IRs left or right in the stereo field. You can run an IR in serial, which is great for EQ or adding room reverb when used in conjunction with the ability to set a wet/dry mix ratio for each IR. If it sounds powerful. That’s because it is. If it sounds a little confusing. It’s not. Load a preset and start twiddling some knobs, you’ll get the hang of it, “tout de suite”. 

mixIR3 IR Loader v1.0.2:
  • Efficient, no-nonsense, drag-and-drop IR browser
  • Zero latency, so it adds no delay to the signal
  • Run one IR or 30 with the same unmatched performance
  • Efficient, optimized convolution engine with low CPU usage let’s you run more plug-ins.
  • Powerful internal routing allows you to mix IRs without messing with busses and sends
  • Mix IRs in stereo with pan controls
  • Upload, download, share and rate presets on redwirez.com
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows VST
  • Neve 1073 EQ impulse responses included
System Requirement
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

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