Inertia Sound Systems - Insting v1.0.0 (June 2019)

INSTINCT can offer results ranging from smooth saturation or smooth dynamic processing, to extremely distorted and noisy breathing sounds, with a wide dynamic range and a very rich frequency spectrum. High quality, transistors and tube models, that can be adjusted, exchanged and modulated in depth.

A broad transient response shaper "SCULPT", this is the source of modulation that pumps the heart in INSTINCT. With controls over time, response and character, you can modulate many circuit parameters, achieving unique dynamics and distortion settings. SCULPT can operate in auxiliary buffers since it supports the external side chain. INSTINCT comes with many built-in presets that range from smooth dynamic dynamics to more creative / wild / noisy units. These can be a good starting point for both mixing and sound design.
ISS Instinct v1.0.0:
  • High quality, transistors and tube models.
  • Versatile signal flow, with one or two drive circuits in series.
  • Resonant Filters VA
  • A transient "wide-response" SCULPT trainer with Sidechain
  • Transformation through circuit models and circuit model parameters
  • High quality transparent reinforcement filter
  • High quality resampling
  • Complete system of presets
System Requirement
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

Via Torrent

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