Fix Ray Traced 3D and Enable Cuda NVIDIA in Adobe After Effects

And now Adobe After Effect CC. It can activate the gpu itself thanks to sniper gpu, as in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So without adding the name of the gpu in raytracer_supported_cards, your gpu can be activated. Unlike the previous adobe after effect series that should add the name of the GPU to enable your GPU.But there is still a problem in the use of ray traced 3D, it looks like adobe has not fixed it. I have a solution to fix ray traced 3d for git pascal series (GTX series 10xx or previous series)
If you are a GTX 1080 Ti optix GPU user cannot solve the problem ray traced 3D after effect, but if you want to try it please download its optix.

if you use adobe after effects or premiere 2017 or 2018, CUDA will activate itself

Tutorial Fix Ray Tracer 3D After Effects
Tutorial Enable Cuda for Adobe Premiere or After Effects

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