Sinevibes – Complete Collection 12.2017

System requirements : OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs Works with any application that supports Audio Unit (AU) effect plugins An Audio Units (AU) compatible DAW is also required to run this software

Description : A complete set of plug-ins from Sinevibes: spectral sequencer, filters, multi-algorithmic distortion, various flangers, delay processor, reverb, effect processor for creating sound chaos, resonator, spectral resynthesis, multiband processor, rhythm granulator, cipher, gated sequencer, transformer foll forms.

List of plugins:
Alternator v1.0.3
Array v3.0.3
Atom v1.0.4
Cluster v2.0.1
Corrosion v1.0.2
Diffusion v1.3.3
Dipole v1.0.0
Dispersion v1.0.2
Drift v3.2.0
Emission v1.0.1
Eternal v1.0.0
Extremum v1.0.3
Flow v1.0.3
Flow v2.0.0
Fraction v1.3.3
Hexonator v1.0.4
Hologram v1.0.2
Inertia v2.0.2
Malfunction v1.0.3
Molecule v1.0.1
Multitude v1.1.4
Octagon v1.0.4
Reshuffle v1.0.1
Robotizer v1.0.2
Sequential v3.0.5
Shift v2.0.2
Singularity v1.0.5
Switch v2.0.2
Torsion v2.1.0
Turbo v3.1.4
Turbulence v2.0.2
Zap v1.0.0

Year of manufacture : 2017
Version : 12.2017
Developer : Sinevibes
Developer’s website : Sinevibes
Platform : iNTEL
Language : English
Tablet : Files to replace.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 | 10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra

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