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ADDED “the Target” parameter to the Loop the recording mode of the Sampling quality voices Page
This parameter determines what should be done with a new recording when the recording is complete. “Take” simply adds the new recording to the Take list of the current plug-in, “Sound” puts the new recording into an Audio plug-in in the next unoccupied Sound Slot (useful for layering the recording with whatever else is in the current Pattern, like a guitar looper pedal ), and “Pattern” puts the new recording into an Audio plug-in in the next unoccupied Sound Slot aND additionally creates a new Pattern where only this loop is being played (useful for capturing different versions of a part and quickly reviewing them by switching Patterns).

ADDED “Looper” workflow to MASCHINE JAM
This feature automates the use of the new Target parameter for fast sampling and layering. Holding the IN 1 button enables this new Loop Recording mode (it’s also helpful to pin this mode on by holding IN 1 and pressing the SONG button). While this new Loop Recording mode is active, pressing an existing Pattern will trigger a recording of a new loop which is then added as a new Sound in the existing Pattern; doing this repeatedly allows you to quickly layer recordings on top of each other. Alternatively, pressing an empty Pattern button will trigger a recording and will then place that recording in a new Sound Slot AND a new Pattern will be created where only the new loop is playing back. When pressing the IN 1 button, External Input 1 is selected as the source for the recording. Pressing GRP while in the Loop Recording mode will select the focused Group as the source. Pressing MST will select MASCHINE’s Master output as the source (for resampling what is currently playing).

Footswitch control of ADDED Sampling quality voices
for When the Sampling quality voices in the when the page or the Loop Recording mode is on the enabled MASCHINE JAM, a footswitch the connected CAN the BE Used to control recording. Pressing the footswitch will arm a recording according to the current settings. Pressing the footswitch again before recording has actually started will cancel the recording. If recording is in progress, pressing the footswitch once will stop the recording-double-pressing will abort the recording (any recorded audio to that point will be discarded). If the recording is complete, holding the footswitch down for a few moments will trigger Undo so you can try another take.

IMPROVED Automatic tempo detection of the Audio plug -in
The algorithm now chooses a tempo that’s closest to your current project tempo. For example, if your project tempo is 170 BPM and you load a loop which should be 174 BPM, MASCHINE will now set the Source Tempo as 174 BPM instead of 87 BPM as it did previously.

ADDED “Re-pitch” engine mode to the Audio plug-in
This engine simply retunes / repitches the loop (like speeding up or slowing down a record) to make it conform to the Project tempo. This mode requires significantly less CPU power than the default mode, but you will not be able to retune the loop at all (any pitches programmed in Gate mode will be ignored-only the timing of the programmed notes will be used to gate the playing audio ).

ADDED Ableton Live DAW Integration for MASCHINE MK3
Mixer and basic DAW Control. Access Ableton Live Mixer via MASCHINE MK3 hardware : Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo / Arm states are visible on screens. Also access essential controls: Play / Stop / Record / Session record, Clip Navigation, Launch & Record, Quantize, Undo / Redo, Automation Toggle, Tap Tempo, and Loop Toggle.
Takes are the Recorded IMPROVED now! Just Saved and RECALLED as with the part of the by Project

ADDED the Automatic external audio recording latency The compensation
This compensation will of the BE in effect the when recording from an the External and the Input with the Monitoring the parameter Turned Off. The system currently works based upon the overall latency reported by the selected audio interface.
REMOVED Right-click removal of Events in the Pattern Editor
In this version, the normal context menu is now opened on right-click. Events can still be deleted using a double -click as well as using the “Paint” and “Erase” tools.

Right-the click CHANGED The behavior in the Arranger
with In the this version, right-the click the no longer a Removes Scenes from Patterns. It now opens a context menu with many useful options for arranging.
The Behavior and cursor IMPROVED icons for resizing Events Read in the Pattern A Editor
of The active A area for resizing Events Read is Also Increased.

And the BPM of The FIXED the Swing values in the header Would not the update Their values the when loading a new by Project
FIXED Duplicate Would Actually duplicate note Note events even the if none Were selected

New DRUM SYNTH, New mixer window, the new PLUG-IN STRIP
UPDATE 2.7.4
2.7.4 – 4.18.2018 

System Requirements:
OS X 10.7 | 10.8 | 10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]

Maschine 2 v2.7.4 MAC

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