Arturia - 3 Preamps and 3 Filters v1.0.0

French experts on modeling from Arturia released exciting new plug-ins. Users will be able to feel the legendary tone and character of the three historical preamps, as well as the unique sonic aroma of 3 iconic analog filters.

Developed, emulated and implemented thanks to the passionate, dedicated development team of Arturia, using its exclusive True Analog Emulation technology, 6 plug-ins sound so good and so rich that they are destined to become your favorite plug-ins for adding tonal taste, analog drive, filtering, sound design and consistent creativity.

  • 1973-Pre : A modern embodiment of the classical transistor pre-setter Rupert Neve complete with switchable converters.
  • TridA-Pre : inspired by consoles Trident Studio A Range, our updated model of the preamplifier will exactly add a shade of gold dust to your DAW.
  • V76-Pre : modeling the classic tube sound Telefunken and the integration of a rare shelf EQ for additional control.
  • SEM-Filter : perfectly recreated in the likeness of one of the earliest standalone analog synthesizers.We have updated this filter with a simple but effective sequencer.
  • Mini-Filter : we hacked the code of the famous Dr Moog ladder filter and allowed you to control it with a new generation of tools.
  • M12-Filter : the simulated multimode filter Tom Oberheim, found on the Matrix-12, the plug-in also has dual filters, osc and random generators, an extremely configurable matrix and programmable envelopes.
Together, these plug-ins not only bring users the unique sound of the best audio equipment in history, but also the benefits of exciting new creative possibilities.

System Requirements 
Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]

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