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A sophisticated and timeline based video manipulation tool that comes with many different features for producing high-end videos. Being part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro is the Adobe's flagship product for video editing on a professional level.Adobe Premiere Pro is a sophisticated timeline based video manipulation tool that comes with many different features for producing high-end videos.

The application is intended to be used in the video post-production processes. Using your raw videos, you can create professionally looking clips through a myriad of filters and video editing tools. Some of the most important aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro are the streamlined editing features, the project and media management, world-class effects, broad format support, or metadata workflow.

The later versions of Adobe Premiere Pro (CC) include the Lumetri deep color engine, more precise audio control, a better and redesigned timeline, and much more. When working with Adobe Premiere Pro, the timeline is a key component in your workflow. Using the timeline, you can create a sequence of events and clips by dragging items from the project panel or the source monitor.

You can also use the timeline to produce multiple layers in your video or audio, make clips shorter or longer, adjust edit points, add special effects, transitions and other parameters. In addition, the application works hand in hand with other tools from the Adobe Creative Suite and adds support for playing files from Photoshop or After Effects.

Another great aspect of working with Premiere Pro is that you can adjust effects, edit and trim videos while they're playing (in real time). The utility is also part of the Creative Cloud, meaning that your work can be saved to the cloud and accessed seamlessly on other platforms you use. In a nutshell, Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editing solution that allows you to achieve your goals by using a streamlined video post-processing toolkit.

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
  • Compare shots using Comparison View
  • Color enhancements
  • Auto-duck music
  • Graphic enhancements
  • VR enhancements
  • Enhanced support for Team Projects
  • Improved Timecode panel
  • Video Limiter
  • Copy and paste sequence markers
  • Hardware acceleration
  • File format support
  • On-boarding help in Premiere Pro
  • User voice community for Premiere Pro
  • Crash while toggling RED Camera Orientation checkbox for attached source footage file
  • (Mac only) Crash in Opencl_runtime
  • Launching Premiere projects with certain VST3's Audio plugin leads to crash on startup
  • Crash caused by Metadata cache database when opening project
  • Premiere Pro crashes when track items are deleted and previewed in HMD
  • Crash when relinking file if Media Browser is in Thumbnail view
  • Premiere Pro crashes while importing ALE files
  • Auto Save for Project on unmounted drive results in multiple unknown error dialogs and may crash
  • (Mac only) Occasional crash with Media Browser when unmounting an image (and possibly a disk)
  • PProHeadless crashes at first launch
  • Double clicking a timeline in the project panel opens up a timeline panel with no contents. This issue sometimes causes Premiere Pro to crash
  • Crash when playing some files at 1/2 resolution
  • Changing to Metal Rendering when Lumetri Scopes are open can cause Premiere Pro to crash
  • Loudness radar causes non-reponsiveness with AJA io4k hardware
  • Corrupted VOB clip causes Premiere Pro to crash on import
  • Parsing captions while importing sample file causes file to display Media Pending message indefinitely
  • Changing caption parameters has no effect on exported stl file
  • MOV files with closed captions from Dalet import as Media Pending and do not display captions
  • Styling changes to captions (STL and SRT) does not update in timeline
  • Changing video settings for captions does not affect the font size
  • If you create long captions in the timeline using the New Caption option in the context menu, the Captions Block Inspector does not create a scroll bar
  • Imports and projects:
Editing and effects:
  • Copying a new .cube file into Lumetri Folder breaks previously set LUTs
  • Morph Cut only allows Center on Cut
  • Resize mask function using the Shift + mouse drag does not work
  • Toggle select track and press W has different results
  • Clip Timecode settings auto-reset to Alternate timecode setting
  • Default transition duration opens incorrect pane in Premiere Preferences
  • Set Default Transition Duration from the Effects flyout menu goes to the wrong Preferences dialog
  • Transform Anchor Point is off a pixel in the xml export
  • Track Matte Key effect is broken when applied above any clip with a mask
Export and Render:
  • Export is truncated when using newly deployed exporter preset
  • Using Time Tuner on video with R.128 loudness normalization causes segmented and flickering EBU .STL sidecar file
  • When you export media with the same name as a previously deleted file, Premiere Pro issues a message indicating that the same file already exists in the project
  • Encoding error when exporting MOG files to MXF Op1a AVC-Intra 100
  • Low-level exception error occurs if you use the Pixel Motion Blur effect causing render failure.
  • Encoding error on some mp3 files
  • Unable to export or process Barco Escape ProRes444 with data burn to Vimeo mp4
  • When you copy/paste clips with audio from After Effects, Premiere Pro does not copy more than first second of clips
  • Replace with AE Comp gives a darker composition
  • High sample rate audio sent to Audition comes across as the wrong sample rate
  • Distortion or garbage in audio when exporting AAF files
  • Flattening multicam clips resets the audio to unity (zero dB)
  • Audio Track Mixer Latch/Touch automation modes sometimes fail and switch to Write mode overwriting automation keyframes
  • Noise artifacts are heard in stereo audio clips that are placed in Ambisonics sequences when Binauralized monitoring is used
  • Peak files are missing their extensions on Windows 10 with MXF files
  • Translation and other localization fixes
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes
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