The Morpheus - BigWerks (KONTAKT)

The Morpheus is a kontakt library designed for all genre of music, game & film composers. With dark & ambient sounds, cinematic guitars, deep unique bass samples, vocals, and much, much more.

Over 350 Presets
Custom GUI
Plenty of Fx to manipulate sounds
Arpeggiation, and two fx Pages
9 GB of content, uncompressed
20 custom impulse responses

Is the Morpheus worth it?
Bigwerks and Xclusive-Audio spent 8 months creating and perfecting these sounds dynamically and sonically. With over 350 dark and cinematic sounds and also adding unique vocal runs, the Morpheus is a stand out kontakt library.
  • About the sounds
  • Guitars were recorded using Neumann microphones and/or recorded directly into the studio computers.
  • Strings, brass and choir samples were recorded by 3rd party company (BigWerks, Xclusive-audio also) and edited, programmed into kontakt by Bigwerks.
  • Pianos recorded/designed my Bigwerks (Xclusive-audio also)
  • Vocal recordings by Laquan Green.
  • All synth designs were created with hardware and virtual synthesizers.
  • Special thanks to Xclusice-audio who designed the gui and 100 of the 350+ sounds.
Instruments include:
Cinematic Guitars, Brass, bass, strings & pianos. Drones, Dark unique Pads, Vocals, 808s, Choirs, Arps, Bells, Hits, Plucks, Multi use & unique Fx, Guitar phrases, Leads, Synth.

FX include:
filter & amp envelopes, lfo controls(2), phaser, glide controls (mono, Leg.), e.q, hp & lp filter controls, screamer, cabinet, delay(2), reverb, chorus & arpeggiator

System Requirements
  • The Morpheus runs on Kontakt full version 5.1.0 or higher
  • At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and 12 GB of free drive space
  • Windows & MAC
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