NewBlue Titler Pro 6 (NBFX)

With its familiar interface and drag - and - drop workflow, Titler Pro 6 makes it easy to get a quick start. Simply choose one of the 250+ built-in animated templates or create a title from scratch with the included Title Designer.

What's new in Titler Pro 6?
After Effects Import (Titler Pro 6 Ultimate only)
Convert projects to be used inside Titler Pro. Keep all variables alive to make edits inside Titler Pro 6
Cinema Collection (Titler Pro 6 Ultimate only)
Get a quick start with even more templates, including the latest template pack full of cinematic titles, the Cinema Collection.
Every NewBlue Effect and Transition Included in Title Designer
Augment your designs with a wide array of effects and transitions from the entire NewBlueFX line
Zoom Workspace
Fine - tune adjustments with precision and get a closer look at your designs with the new Zoom option.
Undo History Menu
Design with confidence with the revamped History Menu that allows you to quickly undo or go back to a previous point in your design
Timeline Improvements
Timeline zoom around playhead
Snap trims to playhead
Paragraph nudge shortcut
Drag - and - drop variable management
Organize the order of your variables for easy template use
New Text Controls
All caps and small caps controls
New fit modes
Cut text to box fit mode
Full justify text option
Masking Blend Mode
Conceal objects by creating masks with videos, shapes, and texts with the new masking blend mode.


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