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Logic Pro X 10.4 may be the biggest point update ever to LPX! Eli Krantzberg brings you the most in-depth videos available about all the new features and functions found in the Logic Pro X 10.4 update, plus how to use them for your songs and productions.

Eli begins by welcoming you and then gives an overview of the new features and enhancements that will be covered in this series. He then jumps right in with complete, detailed coverage of all the new FX plug-ins such as Phat FX, Step FX, ChromaVerb, Vintage Console EQ, Vintage Graphic EQ, and Vintage Tube EQ. See and hear them in action too!

Next up are the new instruments and articulation handling found in Logic Pro X 10.4. Studio Horns are first and you’ll learn all about this killer virtual instrument dedicated to producing awesome realistic horns, followed by in-depth coverage of the new Studio Strings virtual instrument, and the cool new ways to control and add realism to them via the new articulation features in 10.4.

Smart Tempo is then revealed and explored, and you’re sure to be impressed with what it can do when working with and recording audio in Logic. Other various new enhancements are then covered in detail such as Mixer and Plug-In Undo, MIDI Recording Preferences, RIP MIDI Draw and Other Automation Enhancements, Key Commands Window Makeover, Space Designer, Direction Mixer, Retro Synth, Alchemy plug-in updates, and the new Vintage Mellotron instrument. Plus, see how to work with multiple linked plug-in windows!

Eli then covers the new user interface enhancements, the new Drummers and Drum Kits added in 10.4, some small but important improvements, browser enhancements, and lastly, goes over all the new content added in 10.4 including Future Bass, Raggaetron Pop, Drummer, Studio Horns, and Studio Strings Apple Loops, as well as the Alchemy’s new Vision cinematic style presets.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you use Logic Pro X, you need to watch these videos and get up to speed on all the awesome new additions. You’ll then be able to make songs and productions faster, more creatively, and best of all, get inspired to do more… Watch “Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained now!

Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained - Groove3

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