Steinberg - WaveLab Elements v9.0.35

WaveLab Elements is an audio editing and mastering software, perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the WaveLab Elements highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

New features in WaveLab Elements 9
  • Revolutionary new user interface allowing for an incomparably fast and convenient workflow
  • MasterRig plug-in suite including 5 plug-in modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager
  • Innovative windows docking system that allows for a flexible and easy window handling
  • New, redesigned master section with up to 5 effect slots
  • High-quality SoX-based Resampler for resampled playback and rendering
  • Automatic error correction tools for removing unwanted noise
  • Direct exchange of audio files with Cubase and Nuendo*
  • Extended file compatibility including AAC and MP3 read and write support
  • Improved plug-in search function
  • New startup dialog
Master Section
The Master Section provides a perfect overview on the main level of the audio material. It also comes with global mastering effects and includes 12 plug-in instances allowing for the creation of your individual mastering chain, full M/S support for each plug-in, a resampler and extensive monitoring options. The Master Section also provides separate slots for applying dithering and for checking the file format quality with WaveLab’s Encoder Checker. Last but not least, WaveLab provides speaker management for monitoring several loudspeaker setups.

Organizing your project
WaveLab includes a project concept based on File Groups. This allows you to individually group a bunch of single audio files and the resulting Audio Montage (into which the single files are composed) in one framework — the File Group. This also works for batch processing files.

Project Manager
Large projects often result in complex structures that need to be managed coherently and clearly. WaveLab Pro 9 helps you to keep track of your audio files and audio montages with the Project Manager. The Project Manager provides a tree structure view that lets you instantly see which files belong to which file group, how they are named and if they have been modified. You can even drag and drop files from the Project Manager into an Audio Montage or open a new Audio Editor.

Docking system

One of WaveLab’s biggest assets has always been its customizability, as the layout is an important factor when working with software on a daily basis. WaveLab comes with a docking system that offers a flexible and easy window handling and lets you arrange windows to your individual needs.

WaveLab Control
For even more convenience, the WaveLab Control section lets you group a freely selectable range of analysis tools in a dedicated space. This way, you can perfectly organize WaveLab’s excellent analyzing tools such as spectroscope, VU metering, spectrum metering and more. Individual combinations of analyzing tools can be saved and recalled at any time.
System requirements
  • Windows 7/ 8.x/ 10
  • Intel or AMD dual core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB free HD space
  • 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)
  • OS compatible audio hardware
  • DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
  • Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration.
  • Additional downloads may be required for the installation.
Install in a strict sequence:
0. (if not installed)
1. Steinberg.Content.eLicense.exe
2. WaveLab_Elements_9_64bit.msi (to default location)
3. WaveLab 9.1.0 plugins eXtender.exe

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