Ignite Heat Up v2.0.1

Bring the heat to your beats with Heat Up 2, the worlds most powerful Urban Virtual Instrument !
Heat Up 2 comes with 500 Factory Instruments, 580 Factory Presets and is over 16 GB in size !
Designed from the ground up Heat Up 2 comes as 32Bit & 64Bit Windows VST Plugin.
  • 500 Unique Factory-Instruments
  • 580 Unique Presets
  • Massive 16 GB Library
Heat Up 2 is designed for ease of use. Dive right into your next hit whenever you feel inspired. But don't let that fool you, the powerful effects built into HEAT UP 2 will help you sculpt the sound you are after. Custom made sounds have been painstakingly recorded using the best gear available into pristine 24bit audio, mapped out across the keys to place any preset at your fingertips.

500 Instruments
The Factory Library comes with 500 production ready Presets such as Bass, 808's, Bells, Brass, Choirs, DrumKits, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Hits, Stringed Instruments, Strings, Synths, Guitars, and much more. You can expand your library any time with our amazing expansion packs.
Heat Up 2 comes with 28 Skins and lets you customize the GUI Colour seamlessly!

Sistem Req:
Windows - 64bit, 32bit
Size: 13.50 GB
NOTE: Input Serial Number Manual, dont Copy Paste

Via Torrent

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