Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 2 SRP (KONTAKT)

Impact Soundworks - Shreddage 2 SRP adds a new American-made 7-string guitar to the Shreddage series, with all-new recordings performed by one of today’s brightest upcoming talents: Jules Conroy, better known as the YouTube star FamilyJules7x! Best known for his blistering rock & metal covers of classic video game music, as well as the metal soundtrack to the megahit ‘Crypt of the Necrodancer’ , Jules badass style brings a new and unique sound to our Shreddage line.

As with 2015’s IBZ expansion, Shreddage 2 SRP uses our very latest script engine with intelligent real-time performance, custom articulation mapping, built-in FX rack, and dozens of advanced options. All crucial techniques are here, from hard sustains and powerchords to pinch harmonics, tremolo, and true fingered vibrato. In total, SRP comes with over 13,000 samples and up to ELEVEN (!!!) layers of palm mutes. (Because with metal, eleven is always better than ten.)

Of course, the tone of a guitar is just as important as how you play it, and the tone of Shreddage 2 SRP fits squarely between the dark, full sound of the original S2 and the thin, biting timbre of IBZ. This makes SRP a surprisingly versatile and powerful choice for genres beyond just rock & metal!

Whether you’re creating mega-thick quad-tracked metalcore rhythms, doom chords, blazing solos, or emotional lead parts, Shreddage 2 SRP is an excellent addition to your virtual instrument arsenal.

Shreddage 2 SRP uses the universal V3 Shreddage engine shared with our other virtual guitars, making it incredibly easy to mix and match between all three! From the ultra-realistic performance engine to the totally customizable engine and FX rack, everything you need to create great virtual guitar tracks is right here.

Our intelligent performance engine handles MIDI notes and puts them on the right fret & string, but you also have full control over fret preference, string selection, hand size, and all other aspects of playback behavior.

As with the original S2 & IBZ, every articulation can be assigned to trigger via keyswitch, velocity, or MIDI CC - even power chords (and power mutes/staccatos)! Along with other useful tweaking options, you can set up virtuallyany performance or sequencing setup you’d like.

Delve deeper into SRP with controls for extra noises, velocity curve, MIDI guitar support (“Split MIDI Channels”) and other options that can dramatically enhance the realism of your virtual guitar parts!

Our custom FX rack includes a tube screamer-style distortion pedal, three EQs, two amps, a compressor, delay, stereo widener, and of course a selection of excellent cabinet impulses for maximum tone flexibility. We've also created a selection of FX rack presets to get your inspiration flowing!

Lastly, for advanced users and hardcore tweakers, we created a new “Advanced” settings tab where you can really go deep into the instrument engine. Here you can change things like portamento crossfades and separate down/upstroke pick offsets, palm mute layers, and anti-repetition settings.

  • Legendary American guitar sound.
  • Brutal 7-string Drop-G tuning.
  • Over 15,000+ 24-bit samples.
  • Well-rounded and flexible DI tone.
  • Up to 8x RR variations per note.
  • Up to 11 layers of palm mutes.
  • Double and quad-tracking.
  • All crucial articulations.
  • Advanced SHREDDAGE script engine.
  • Easily compatible with other SHREDDAGE guitars.
  • KONTAKT PLAYER compatible.

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