Winrar 5.40 Final 2017

WINRAR merupakan software compress dan extract file yang sangat populer, yang memudahkan kita membuat Kumpulan Folder dan file menjadi 1 PACKING . Setiap komputer sudah di wajibkan menginstall Winrar ini, dan menggunakan winrar terbaru sangat di rekomendasikan.

Bugs fixed:
a) WinRAR 5.31 x64 “Compress and email” command did not work
with Microsoft Outlook x64;

b) if WinRAR 5.31 version for one of right to left languages
was installed in Windows with English or other not right to
left system language, WinRAR could change Windows Explorer
layout to right to left;

c) if archive was stored in a folder without “Write” permission
and if archive contents was extracted with drag and drop to
a writable folder, WinRAR issued an unnecessary privileges
elevation prompt.

Cara Install
  • ini format nya Zip, dan Windows Explorer bisa Extract Zip File
  • lalu Install Winrar nya dengan menjalankan ” Silent installation (ENG).cmd”
  • tunggu akan muncul command promt, dan enjoy full version
  • done full
Versi Final Stabil untuk 32 bit dan 64 bit


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